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Use ISJobs as a Source

You may use ISJobs database as a source for your completely separate and private table, in which you can add your own columns (e.g., your own application status), filters, and views. New entries or edits in ISJobs database can be synced to your private table automatically.


  1. Click here to open the database in a new tab.
  2. Click the “Use this data” button in the top-right corner.
  3. Follow the setup guide. You may need to create an AirTable account.
  4. Add your own new columns, views, filters, etc.
  5. To sync subsequent new job posts from the public database to your private table
    click “Sync Now” to do so manually. If you wish to automatically sync with the public database, you need a premium AirTable plan.   

These private additions are not synced back to the public databases. Please note that you will also not be able to add a new row in your private table since it is synced. If you have a job post that you need to keep track of, contribute it to the main database.